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What is a behavioural problem in a pet?

Pet behaviour problems can be extremely difficult for pet owners and can affect the pet’s quality of life too. Unfortunately, they are really common too and the sooner they are addressed by your vet, the better the outcome.

A behavioural problem is considered outside the normal limits of behaviour expected for the species.  In contrast, a problem behaviour is usually a normal behaviour expected by the species that is undesirable by the owner e.g. digging up the garden or jumping up on people.

Daisy Hill Vet can help owners address and treat their pet’s behavioural problems by determining the underlying problem, whether it be medical or psychological. Obtaining a diagnosis by your vet is the first priority.

Some behavioural problems are serious, requiring step-by-step intervention and cannot be simply ‘trained out of the animal’ because the pet is not in the state-of-mind to enable proper training to take place.This can lead to frustration and even abandonment if the problem is too difficult to handle with training alone. It is a highly emotional area and it is vital that your first point of call is with your veterinarian – one with a particular interest in pet behaviour.

A red flag for mental health in pets is if training does not help the issue and this abnormal behaviour is getting in the way of learning.

How can Daisy Hill Vet help manage my pet’s behavioural problem?

As part of his dedication to animal welfare, principal veterinarian, Dr Julian Nalliah, has a detailed knowledge of pet behaviour and how to approach behavioural problems.

For over 10 years, Dr Julian has been devoting extra time studying veterinary behavioural disorders and treatments, including comprehensive information about environmental well-being in pets, emotional modification, modern psychotropic medication (if required) for many different problems experienced by pet owners.

Dr Julian has also shadowed veterinary behaviourist Dr Cam Day on his house calls to seek further expertise in this important field. Dr Cam Day has obtained Membership via examination into the Behaviour Chapter of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists so has been a valuable mentor for Dr Julian in this area.

Dr Julian has also attended many continuing education seminars at conferences where veterinary behaviour specialists have presented, which keeps him up-to-date on treatments, behaviour modification methods and gentle handling techniques.

Dr Julian has received referrals for behavioural problems from surrounding vet clinics as well and has enjoyed helping pet owners reconnect with their pets and improve the human-animal bond in many situations.

What does a pet behaviour consultation involve?

Initial pet behaviour consultations with Dr Julian Nalliah for dogs and cats are 1 hour long so please specify with reception that you would like to book in for a pet behaviour consultation to ensure an appropriate appointment time.

Your pet behaviour consultation will include a full physical examination and sometimes blood and urine testing to ensure that the problem is not in fact due to an underlying medical problem.

After each behaviour consultation, Dr Julian consults further with veterinary behaviourist Dr Cam Day and together, an appropriate plan is put in place for your pet. Sometimes, but not always, this may involve a medication trial. A report is then provided to the pet owner so that action can be taken as soon as possible to manage the issue.

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