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Why is micro-chipping so important?

dogQuite simply, every pet deserves to be identified and given the best possible chance of being reunited with their owners should they ever become lost. A microchip and collar ID tag help recover missing pets and reduce the heartache of both owners and pets that unwillingly become separated.

Having your pet identified is a simple and effective way to ensure they will always have a return ticket home! Each year, thousands of lost animals are brought into shelters across Australia without identification, making it impossible for shelter staff to contact owners and difficult for owners to find their pets.

Your pet’s microchip is their link home to you.  Even some of the most housebound pets can be stolen, escape or stray from their homes and become lost. It only takes a gate blowing open, or a visitor leaving a door open. Sadly, thousands of lost animals cannot be returned home because their owners cannot be located.

Microchips are the most effective method of permanent animal identification available.  Approximately the size of a grain of rice, a microchip is implanted in an animal with a sterile implantation device, in the soft scruff of the neck. It is an extremely common and safe procedure. The microchip certificate may also be required as proof of ownership when registering a pet with your local council.

The one-off fee covers, implantation and life time registration

By law, all dogs should be registered with their local council by 12 weeks of age and are provided with a registration tag for their collar, this also helps for identification purposes, but unfortunately collars can come off. Click here to view the Logan City Council requirements.

Please remember to update your pet’s microchip details! Some of you may have moved house or just adopted a new addition to the family.  We see lots of lost dogs and cats every week, but it is a sad fact that a lot of pets don’t have their correct details on their microchip, making it very hard for a happy reunion with you.

You can update your details by phone 1300 734 738 or even on-line, just visit Pet Register