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Thinking about getting a new kitten or cat?

Introducing a new kitten/cat to the household can be made easier by following a few simple rules:

• Allow the new kitten/cat time to adjust to new surroundings – stress is caused if this is rushed.
• Cats are not generally social animals like dogs. Be aware that when introducing a new kitten/cat to a home with an existing cat, the other cat may not like the kitten in it’s territory and they may not become friends at all. A tolerance can be all they can achieve.
• Ensure all cats are vaccinated, wormed and up to date with healthcare. Have older cats tested for FIV/FELV before introducing a new kitten/cat into the home.

Stress is a common problem when introducing a new kitten/cat into another cat’s territory due to a lack of familiarisation marks, such as:
kitten introducing a new kitten/cat

• Excessive Urine Marking
• Excessive Scratch Marking
• Loss of appetite
• Reduced desire to play and/or interact
• Aggression

Things to have set up:

• Enough toys, treats around the house for their entertainment
• Separate feed and water bowls
• Enough hiding places per cat
• Scratching posts
• 2 litter trays for first cat, then extra one per extra cat (cats will not use litter trays if they are slightly dirty and they are not cleaned on regular basis every day).

Kitten/Cat for introducing or moving to another home:

• Have the new cat confined in a separate room (laundry etc) to get use to familiar to sounds, household routines and smells for a week.
• Have the blanket (or item with smell) of the new arrival out of the environment daily for other cats to investigate the new arrival smell.
• Introduce the cats under supervision for a week – ALWAYS REMAIN CALM (pets pick up on our stress and fault it to the other animal). Do not force interaction between animals; it will cause stress if they feel threatened or trapped.
Feliway – a pheromone product which reduces stress, anxiety and provides a sense of calmness to all cats (only for use on cats).
Comes in a diffuser for home and spray.
Use Feliway before introducing new kitten/cat to home, so the other cat can be calm.
Feliway spray, sprayed into cage for transportation for new cat, will help decrease stress levels when it gets home.
Diffuser used in the most common part of the house.

Kitten proof house: (they are very curious creatures)

• Store all poisonous and dangerous materials in tightly closed containers and store away
• Toilet lid to be kept down – kitten could fall in
• Plastic bags stored in a drawer where they can not get to them – cause choking or suffocation
• Household items – needles, strings, rubber bands etc put away in a draw or tightly closed container – easily swallowed
• Electrical cords secured to the wall or wound up – prevent kitten being shocked
• Blind and curtain cords out of reach – can cause strangulation

We wish you luck with your new kitten/cat, don’t hestitate to call for more information or behavioural advice from us on 3808 1085