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During your Pets Stay

  • All patients having an anaesthetic will have an intravenous cannula placed into the vein on one of the front legs.  This enables us to deliver the initial anaesthetic and provides venous access for fluids or other drugs that may need to be administered.
  • Prior to having their anaesthetic your pet will be given a “pre-med”.  This injection contains a sedative to help relax your pet and also a pain-relieving drug.  The “pre-med” helps to ensure a smooth induction to the anaesthetised state, reduces the amount of anaesthetic agent required and offsets any pain before it occurs.
  • Anaesthesia is induced by the administration of an injectable agent into the intravenous cannula and is then maintained by a mixture of oxygen and anaesthetic gas (isoflurane) delivered to the patient through an endotracheal tube passed down the patient’s trachea (windpipe).
  • A trained nurse monitors the anaesthetic throughout the procedure.  Various electronic monitors also track the patient’s vital statistics during the procedure.
  • On completion of the procedure your pet is returned to a heated recovery bed and continually monitored through their recovery.
  • Post-surgical pain can affect the quality of your pet’s recovery.  All surgical patients receive pre and post-operative analgesia (pain relief).  Many patients will go home with medication to continue to provide pain relief at home.
  • We will phone you at the completion of your pet’s procedure to inform you of their progress and make a time for discharge.