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We routinely vaccinate with a C5, which provides protection against parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza (canine cough), and bordatella (canine cough).

When should this be done? (This may vary depending on individual puppies’ vaccination history)

1st C3…………………..at 6 – 8 weeks of age
2nd C5………………….at 10 weeks of age
3rd C3…………………..at 12 weeks

A YEARLY BOOSTER is required to maintain immunity.


Heartworm is a parasite that is transmitted as larvae in blood to dogs by mosquitoes. It is a very common parasite in Brisbane, so all pups should start prevention by 12 weeks of age.

We recommend:

Proheart SR 12 Injection – a course of injections at 12 weeks and again at 6 months of age, with a booster at 15 months of age. To ensure continued protection, yearly boosters will need to be given for life. This can be combined with annual vaccinations. If you are interested in an alternative to the injection, we have tablets or spot-ons that are given monthly.


Intestinal worms can cause serious problems and puppies are especially at risk. When worm burdens become especially high, we begin to see problems such as diarrhoea, vomiting, pot-belly, weight loss, anaemia, bottom-scooting, and serious intestinal complications.

We recommend:

DRONTAL – given every 2 weeks until your puppy is 12 weeks old, then given monthly until your puppy is 6 months old. Monthly dosing required between 6 months and 3 years of age.


Only 5% of fleas live on your dog. 95% live in your carpet, floorboards, furniture, bedding and yard!! It is very important to provide ongoing continuous flea control for your dog, to maintain a clean environment and prevent flea infestations. Remember – all animals in the household must be treated for control to be effective!!

We recommend:
COMFORTIS – monthly tablet
NEXGARD  – monthly tablet


This can be done between 4 and 6 months of age, preferably before the first season for females. De-sexing helps prevent problems such as roaming, aggression and prostatic enlargement in males, and mammary tumours in females. Please see our benefits of de-sexing your pet handout.



Ticks are a real and life-threatening problem all year round! Check your dog over by hand each day and remove any ticks found. Try to pull off without squashing the tick too much. It doesn’t matter if the ‘head’ is left behind. A vet check is recommended to check for any signs of tick paralysis.

We recommend:
NEXGARD – one tablet once a month
ADVANTIX – fortnightly spot on



Micro-chipping is an up-to-date technology for life-long identification. It is highly recommended as pets may become lost or stolen. The bonus with a microchip is that it cannot be lost like a pet tag. It is vital that you change any details – phone numbers, address, etc. – with the microchip company as soon as possible if they change.

For council registration and more information on keeping a dog in Logan City go to: www.logan.qld.gov.au



Certain animal behavioural problems may be signs of underlying ill health. It is important to treat these behavioural problems early as they often escalate. We recommend puppy preschool at the earliest age possible. Please see our Puppy Preschool handout for information on class dates. We have a range of handouts with advice on boredom, anxiety and training.

Behavioural consultations are also available here at the clinic, for any behavioural problems you may experience throughout your dog’s life.



Dogs have very different feeding requirements depending on stage of life, breed and lifestyle. All puppies need to be on a balanced puppy food, for optimum growth of joints, bones and muscles. Larger dogs need to be on a specific diet for large breed puppies to reduce future joint problems.

We recommend Hills Science Diet, Royal Canin, or Advance diets – all of these are considered premium quality foods.

Bones should be avoided until your puppy has its adult teeth (i.e. after 6 months of age)



We provide a professional grooming service Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This includes puppy clips, full grooms, tidy ups, ear cleaning, and nail trims. We also have hydro-bathing available every Saturday morning.