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FREE Dental Health Check

free dental checks

free dental checks

80% of dogs and cats have periodontal (gum) disease and dental disease in pets can affect their general health too.

Our qualified nursing team is trained in assessing pet dental health and we currently offer this as a complimentary service. This enables pet owners who are not sure whether to book their pet in for a dental procedure, to have a dental health check first.

Dental health check appointments are currently available on weekdays from 2-5pm.

If your pet is due for their annual health check, vaccination or heartworm injection, then your dental health check will be carried out by your vet as part of their routine clinical exam.

Like humans, sometimes pets need to have their teeth assessed more regularly than once a year so our nurse dental health checks allow this to be done at no extra cost.

New clients are also welcome to book in for a complimentary nurse dental health check or second opinion.

If a nurse has identified significant tartar and/or periodontal disease in your pet, then one of our vets can provide an estimate of costs for this for you.

Our nurses are also happy to demonstrate brushing your pet’s teeth or click here to learn how to brush your pet’s teeth. For more complex dental concerns, please book an appointment with one of our vets.

To book your pet in for a complimentary dental check with our experienced nursing team, please phone the clinic on (07) 3808 1085.