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Pet Dentistry

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Did you know that bad breath in pets often means infected gums?

Infected gums, or periodontal disease, eventually leads to the loss of bone holding your pet’s teeth in their jaw and once the bone is lost, it cannot be replaced and your pet will eventually need extractions.

At Daisy Hill Vet, we recommend treating the dental disease before your pet gets to the stage where extractions are necessary. When teeth and gums are not treated promptly, your pet’s mouth becomes uncomfortable but your pet will still eat despite the pain, because eating is necessary for survival.

Our vets are equipped and trained to perform gold standard pet dentistry with the latest technology including digital dental x-rays, advanced ultrasonic scaling and local anaesthesia (nerve blocks) for extractions, which eliminates pain when your pet wakes up from their general anaesthetic.

All pets deserve a pain-free life and cannot speak for themselves, so if you have noticed bad breath or have not had your pet’s teeth checked recently, then organise an appointment for a complimentary dental check today. 

Book your pet in for a dental health check today by phoning (07) 3808 1085