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Helpful Website for Pet Owners

Councils/Local Authority Animal Management Information

Specialists and Emergency Services

Wildlife Care

Useful Pet Sites

  • Dermcare
    • Provides information on products used to manage various skin conditions in your pets
  • Name Game
    • Personalised collars and leads
  • The Canine Inherited Disorders Database
    • Aims to help reduce the incidence of inherited disorders in dogs. Visit this site to find out more about inherited disorders and how to avoid and manage them
  • Veterinary Partner
    • A detailed online resource for animal health information. This site is useful if you wish to find out more about a specific health condition, or are interested in pet health care and well being. (Whilst this site is useful, we ask you to consult us before you make any changes to your pet’s healthcare regime)
  • Hendra Virus
    • DPI Guidelines and general information on Hendra Virus in Qld

Finding a New Pet

Travelling with your pet

Pet Behaviour Aids

Grief / Pet Loss

  • Our Wonderful Pets
    • A site where you can honour and pay tribute to your beloved pet. It also provides information on how to deal with grief following the loss of a pet
  • Pets in Peace
    • Pet funeral director and pet crematorium
  • Pets Eternal
    • Pet cemetery in Greenbank