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As a pet owner it is important to know that your animal’s nutritional needs will change several times throughout its lifetime. The first life stage of an animal is the puppy/kitten stage, which lasts until they reach the age of one. From the age of 1 your animal is no longer growing and is officially an ‘adult’. The adult life stage lasts until they reach 7 years old (or 5 years old for large breed dogs) and from this age they are now a ‘mature adult’. Upon reaching 11 years of age, your pet is classified as a senior animal and superior nutrition is necessary to keep them healthy.

Puppy Stage – Up to 1 year old

puppyProper nutrition is key to an animal’s health, but is especially important during the puppy/kitten life stage. The nutrients from a well-balanced premium diet will help fulfil their bodies’ growth and development requirements during this important stage of their lives.

Premium puppy/kitten food is specifically designed to offer the energy, protein calcium their growing bodies need. Daily doses of important nutrients will result in multitudinous benefits to your puppy/kitten, including: a healthy immune system, joint health and mobility, weight control, a healthy digestive tract, luxurious coats and healthy skin.

Adult Stage – Between 1 & 7 years old (between 1 & 5 years for large breed dogs)

dogIt is important to maintain a balanced premium diet throughout your pet’s adulthood to maintain peak physical condition and to help them continue to live a long, healthy life.

Every animal has unique nutritional needs, and may need to be on a completely different diet to another dog/cat the same age. It is also possible that your pet’s nutritional needs will change several times during this adult life stage. Some factors may include: predisposition to obesity, dental disease, urinary and/or skin issues. A well-balanced, premium diet contains ingredients that help prevent these issues from occurring within your pet’s adult life stage.

Senior stage – 7 years + (5 years and over for large breed dogs)

dogAfter the age of 7, your pet is considered to be in their “mature adult” life stage, and therefore their nutritional and physical requirements will change once again. Regular exercise, veterinary check ups and nutrition specifically formulated to meet their needs will allow your pet to live a longer, happier and healthier life. Senior diets are clinically formulated to give extra support to help your pet’s immune system, added glucosomine and chondroitin sulfate to help with mobility and joint support, precise sodium and phosphorus for organ and heart health, high quality protein to allow easy digestion and phosphatidylserine enriched to help maintain brain function.