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Home Dental Care

catRegular Brushing

Daily brushing is the best and most effective form of home dental care.

• Best long-term prevention for dental disease
• Mechanical removal of plaque
• Cleans the entire mouth
• Get to know your pet’s mouth

• Some pets will find it hard to tolerate their teeth being brushed
• Will require commitment, and a certain amount of time each day


Dental Care Diets

Premium pet foods are specially designed to clean teeth while providing them with a complete balanced diet.

• Clinically proven to reduce plaque, stain and tartar build up
• 100% money back guarantee with premium food companies
• Kibble scrubs away plaque in the mouth
• Easy daily treatment to prevent dental disease

• Some pets don’t chew their food


Treats and Chews

Large hard products such as Greenies, pig’s ears, Oravet chews and Dentastix encourage pets to chew.

• Chewing action aids in the removal of plaque via physical rubbing
• Easy way to provide some dental care that your pet will enjoy

• Treats such as pig’s ears should only be given twice a week to reduce the chance of gaining weight
• Bones can be a choking hazard and can cause an obstruction.
• Not all teeth get cleaned as animals generally chew on one side

Should I feed my pet bones?

Bones (raw and cooked) can fracture the major chewing teeth which can lead to painful tooth root abscesses and extractions being needed. There is also a risk of constipation, obstruction and infection (eg Salmonella) so due to these risks, our clinic cannot recommend feeding bones to pets.


dogWater Additives and Mouthwashes

Washes used daily help reduce plaque and bacteria. Many include disinfectants that kill
bacteria, others also include chemicals that help break down tartar and prevent plaque
attaching to the tooth surface.

• Very easy to use
• Decreases bacteria and smelly breath

• Some animals may realise the difference and not drink the water
• No mechanical action