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Did you know arthritis just doesn’t affect people?

Our pets can suffer from arthritis, which is a progressive and painful degenerative joint disease that is typified by a breakdown of the joint’s cartilage. This disease can develop due to number of different factors, including breed specific, being overweight, or having trauma to the body from an accident. Age is a leading cause as most pets will suffer to some degree from joint problems as they get older.

Signs your dog or cat may have arthritis

Show signs of stiffness especially when getting up in the morning

  • Is reluctant to walk, run or play
  • Is reluctant to climb stairs, jump into a car or their bed
  • Is limping, or falling behind on walks
  • Is showing personality change i.e. more aggressive, irritable or stubborn
  • Cries in pain when touched or is resistant to being touched
  • Has swelling or abnormal appearance of a joint or joints
  • Is excessively licking, chewing or grooming a joint or joints


Treatment of arthritis is available; we use products that aim to:

  • Improve cartilage quality and healing by stimulating the production of proteoglycans which are the building blocks of cartilage
  • Improve joint fluid quality and increases the amount of fluid which provides cushioning and lubrication
  • Provides anti-inflammatory activity which minimises inflammation within and around the joint, thereby reducing pain and lameness
  • Inhibits the release and activity of destructive enzymes which attack the cartilage, reducing further cartilage damage
  • Increases blood supply to joints by breaking down blood clots, maximising healing within the joint.


We can design an individual treatment plan that best suits the needs of your pet, contact us for an appointment.