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Once A Year Heartworm Injection

Have you heard the good news?  Once a year heartworm injection for dogs is now available.

Is Heart-worm is still a problem in Queensland?

With 137 cases to date being reported in Queensland alone.

Living in areas such as  Shailer Park, Daisy Hill, Springwood and the Logan area, we can see mosquitoes all year round.

Proheart SR12 is a once a year heartworm injection that provides protection for your dog all year round.  Its sustained-release formula ensures a full 12 months protection from a single dose given by your veterinarian.

The once a year heartworm injection provides the following benefits:-

  • Eliminates the need to remember monthly heart-worm tablets or spot-ons
  • You will receive ONE yearly reminder for your pet’s booster vaccination
  • It can safely be combined with your pet’s vaccination or wellness visit if required
  • The injection is quick
  • Is suitable for all dogs from 12 weeks of age

If your adult dog is not on any form of  heartworm protection or has had a break in protection, they will require a blood test.

We can discuss this with you prior to the  once a year heartworm injection.

If your dog is already receiving heartworm protection, you can swap immediately to the once a year heartworm injection and enjoy the convenience of not giving monthly tablets anymore.